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This is our production warehouse. Here is where your recipes are cooked, bottled, packed, and shipped. Come on inside and we'll show you around!
A great recipe begins with quality ingredients. We ship in barrelfuls of top-of-the-line ingredients to ensure that your recipe has the great taste you demand.
After we assemble a list and volume of ingredients for your recipe, work begins in the cookroom. We have multiple cooking vats like the one you see here.
Once the mix has finished cooking, the bottling process begins. Here is the front of one of our production lines where empty bottles are queued to be filled.
Our filling machine automatically fills multiple bottles at a time with your sauce. All bottles are monitored to make sure all fill levels are even.
Each bottle is then wrapped and sealed with a lid before passing through our labeling machine.
After the bottles are labeled, they are packed into boxes in preparation for shipping.
Boxes are then wrapped and stored in the warehouse to await the completion of your order. When the order is filled, the bottles are shipped to their destination!




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